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Neva Masquerade Siberian Cats

Since I was a very young age, I dreamed of having a cat in my house. Finally, when I was older, I received a kitten that was born by a cat that lived in a dorm in the University where I was studying at that time. This cat was a favourite cat of all students. That first kitten is now 15 years old, and she happily lives with my Mom and Dad. She is their "favourite little girl" after me, of course! Her name is Katya, and she is a gorgeous black classic torbie with white.

Years past, and one of the other my dreams was to have a Siberian cat that will be a great companion for my family and myself. As you can see now - this dream actually came true. I am not only own a wonderful Siberian male named Egor Palych Savushka, but also a cute female - Venus Iz Odissei.

I want to ensure you, that a Siberian cat could be everything that you want to find in the perfect cat. They have great Siberian health that was tested by the tough cold winters and rough conditions of the Russian forests. Siberians are very affectionate, smart, muscular, strong, but gentle and can calm you down after a stressful and full day of events. Some people say that they can actually "treat" a minor sickness and can understand the mood of their owner very well.

Our cats are raised under foot and allowed to move freely in the house. They actually "talk" with us! If George or myself will ask them something in gentle voice, you can hear a very melodic Meow as an answer to your question. Also they communicate with each other and us by making a very distinctive chirping noise, that I've never heard from any other cat before.

All our cats are very affectionate. As soon as one of them will come to you to get comfortable on your lap, you can hear their loud purring, that always reminds me of a little engine or motorboat.

Our cats come from well known breeders in Moscow, and have excellent pedigrees with Grand/World Champion bloodlines.

Our cats and kittens are constantly surrounded by love and attention in our home. We promise to make all the necessary preparations for our kittens to start a happy long life with their new owners.

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