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The history of the Siberian Cat goes back in history for over a thousand years, so here is only a brief summary.

1000 a.d. The first time in recorded history is the Siberian cat mentioned. Throughout time the Siberian is listed in Russian history, in stories and fairy tales these amazing cats are considered protectors of the elderly, and favorites to children.

1700 a.d. The Siberian Cat is one of onl three long haired cats represented in a cat show that takes place in England.

1900 a.d. The first recorded entry of a Siberian Cat coming into the United States.

1960 a.d. A Neva cat, a feral Neva cat, and a feral pointed patterned cat are found in St. Petersbury, Russia along the Neva River. Due to the colors of the Neva cat, they still are called Siberians, but are named Neva Masquerade.

1987 a.d. The first cat show in St. Petersburg, Russia takes place. This is also the first actual date of the breed showing of the Siberian Cat.

1990 a.d. The first breeding pair of Siberian Cats enter into the United States. The Siberian is registered with the ACFA.

2000 a.d. The Siberian is now registered with the CFA.

2001 a.d. The Siberian is listed by TICA as the cat of the year.

Now we realize that that was very brief but their are other websites out there with more history and that go more indepth. As we stated at the beginning, this is only a short history. Further information about the Siberian can be found throughout our website and others. Information such as how the Siberian is the National Cat of Russia, or how it is one of only three forest cats, the others being the Norweigan Forest Cat or the Maine Coon.

Hopes this helps you in your decision to own a beautiful Siberian cat.
George & Elena

Father and Son - Pashka Irbis Assolada & Egor Palych Savushka of White Nights

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