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While browsing through this website, we hope that you will find a lot of useful information about Siberian cats, look at some pictures of these magnificent animals, and maybe decide to bring into your home a wonderful "bundle of joy" - a Siberian kitten!

You are probably wondering why our cattery is called White Nights? The first two of our cats are Siberians with the color known as Colorpoint (Lynx and Tortie). The Siberian cats with similar colors for the first time were found by Russians on the banks of the Neva River, that flows through Saint-Petersburg (at that time this city was called Leningrad). One of the most exciting and wonderful times in Saint-Petersburg is a festival called White Nights. In the name of our cattery we wanted to combine our love for Siberian cats and the passion for this historical Russian City with a remarkable period in summer time - White Nights.

The Colorpoint Siberian cats in Russia are also called Neva Masquerade. This mystic and intriguing name very well characterizes these cats. In our opinion, this color is one of the most "beautiful and fancy of the masquerade outfits" of all the rainbow colors of the Siberian cats.

Our small hobby cattery and cats are registered with TICA & CFA. The lines are brought from Russia with 2 RW SGC TICA winners in pedigrees.

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