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WhiteNights Kittens in their New Homes

WhiteNights Owen
black smoke with white
photo by his owner Jennifer Lee, WA
Jennifer writes:"Owen has a fantastic personality, he is so curious and friendly, especially with strangers. He is not shy at all, and loves to sit on laps and be brushed and petted. He follows me all around my apartment, seeing what I am up to. He is very smart too; at my old apartment, he could open doors and even figured out how to push my sliding closet door open. He loves catnip, and those plastic loops, along with my hair ties; he carries them around in his mouth and bats them around the apartment. He lets me pick him up like a little baby : ) and recognizes his name and usually ; ) comes when he is called. He does get a bit feisty at times, but that just means he needs to play. I love him so much! Thank you again for providing me with such a great cat. He is the best."

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