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WhiteNights Kittens in their New Homes

WhiteNights Toby Tiger
red silver mactabby with white male
photo by his owners: Lisa & Leighton, WA
Lisa writes:"He has a fascination with water & likes to chew on everything especially to play, I swear he thinks he's a dog! He is very social loves everybody & likes to murp(meow/chirp) alot-he plays fetch & tug of war & we have to keep our shoes hidden or he will chew apart the shoestrings! He's a very happy loving cat purrs all the time & gives noozles to me & kisses to Leighton.Oh & his favorite thing of all is he likes to have his nose rubbed, not just the bridge either his whole nose!... We could not have wished for a more perfect companion for our household!"

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