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Neva Masquerade Siberian Cats

Neva Masquerade Siberian Cats

Our passion is Siberian cats, or rather their more rare variety - Neva Masquerade. Neva Masquerade, relatively young breed, distinctive feature of which is elegant color point coloration (Siamese type), has already gained lots of fans around the world. Hardly anyone could remain indifferent seeing such elegant furry animal in a light silky fur coat with rich stylish ruff, that seems to be out of mischief, dipped its face, paws and tail into the dark color, which gave it such wonderful combination of colors. Then add expressive, charming, blue eyes and you will get the true portrait of Neva Masquerade cat. Moreover Neva Masquerade cats are even-tempered and have truly Siberian excellent health.

Our pets live in love and care, without knowing aviaries and cages. They are kept in excellent country house conditions and have the opportunity to spend time outdoors. We are pleased to introduce you our cats and their kids. It is impossible not to love them! These amazing cats will bring comfort and harmony into your home and you will spend many pleasant minutes with them.

Neva Masquerade Cat Breed.

Siberian cat is a native Russian breed, we believe, has been around for many centuries in Siberia. Despite the fact that the breed Homeland is St. Petersburg, they are still called Siberian cats.

Among the most beloved and popular cat breeds in Russia is Neva Masquerade - the pride of the Russian feline. These are actually Siberian cats but with a different color. Neva Masquerade tends to be a decoration of the Siberian breed, popular not only in Russiabut also was highly appreciated in United States and Western Europe.

Neva Masquerade Siberian cats are truly amazing animals: beautiful, intelligent, gentle and affectionate. Gorgeous appearance, blue eyes, affectionate nature, the highest level of intelligence, inner nobility, loyalty to its owner - everything admires in these cats.

These are really big cat with huge claws, fluffy collar and luxurious tail having dark points on the paws and muzzle, just like a masquerade mask and gloves. This gorgeous dress just fits perfect! Sometimes the paws, tail and mask on the face can be striped, inherited from the traditional Siberian cats. As you already know the breed Homeland is St. Petersburg, city that stands on the Neva River. The city has always been famous for its balls and masquerades. Dark mask on the cat's faces is the reason why these amazing blue-eyed Siberians are called Neva Masquerade.

Neva Masquerade Breed Traits

At the cat show where the largest weight competition is held hardly any cat can actually compete with the Neva Masquerade one. Neva Masquerade males are very big, comparing to other cat breeds, and can weigh up to 10 kg. Females are much smaller but more graceful and have much flexible temper than males. But still the World hasn't seen anyone could control his exclamation of admiration seeing real Neva Masquerade cat!

Special attention should be paid to their glorious fur. They molt twice a year, which greatly facilitates the struggle to keep your house clean. This is one of a few cat breeds, which is able and likes to take care of its fur. Due to their high adaptability to different, including warm climates, Neva Masquerade cats have learned to "undress", meaning in a warmer, even hot climate conditions, they get rid of "extra" fur: change their beautiful fur coat to a lightweight coat, leaving at the same time gorgeous bushy tail.

Despite their quite menacing look, Neva Masquerade cats have a calm steady temper. They can be fearless defenders of their territory, as well as gentle, loyal friends and "patient toys" in children's hands. However, strangers they are treating, saying mildly, wary.

Neva Masquerade cats love head-to-head communication with their owners. It is very important for them if you truly appreciate their extraordinary intelligence. These cats are partners by definition. They do have self-esteem. They are never obsessive, but always love to talk with the owner. At the same time they are extremely careful and intelligent listeners.

Neva Masquerade Colors

Seal point and Seal-Tabby-Point Neva Masquerade Siberian Cats

This is the most commonly spread color of Neva masquerade cats. Limbs, face, ears and tail are painted in black-brown, body - from almost white to almost brown, often light creamy or creamy-gray. In all the cases, the contrast between the body and painted parts should be kept as follows: the darker the shell - the darker the face. In case of the "tabby" color - muzzle and paws are striped.

We should also mention that all the color-point catsand Neva Masquerade cats are not an exception, over the years get darken, which but the way does not make them less attractive or so. White Neva Masquerade cats look very impressive, and usually more popular with the judges at the cat shows, but maintain this feature till certain age, and the stiffer guard hairs are (which is very desirable for the Siberian cat), the earlier it gets darker. However, the pigmentation of the awn can be compensated for the white undercoat, consisting of thin hairs, that usually stays light until old age, so that some dark coat on the hull has an inner glow effect looking very nicely. For the same reason the vast majority of Neva Masquerade cats during molting appear darker because they lose nearly all the undercoat and lighten when acquire a new one.

Blue point and blue-tabby-point Neva Masquerade Siberian cats.

Neva Masquerade female cats, obtaining this color, have the painted parts more lighten comparing to seal point and have a blue-gray tint. For Neva Masquerade cats that have a light body is more desirable to obtain blue-point color than the seal-point, because in case of a strong pigmentation the actual contrast between the body and painted parts is almost lost. More stringent requirements are applied to eye color as well: in case of not enough saturated blue it seems even paler against the blue-point fur. However, in recent years, many wonderful Neva Masquerade cats of this color have appeared, and they are worthy rivals of seal-point.

Red-Point and Red-tabby-point Neva Masquerade Siberian cats.

Neva masquerade cats of this color are still considered to be a very rare color-point. So if you have such kitten, consider yourself very lucky. Those have red points. The body in most cases is nearly white or with a slight golden tinge. The eyes seem even bluer against red face background. It is often difficult to distinguish red-points from the red-tabby-points at age of 1.5-2 months, and even an adult Neva Masquerade cat with the red-points sometimes can be exposed to color corrections in its pedigree and finally settles the one after the first litter. There is also a variation of the cream-point: bleached red color.

Tortie-point Neva Masquerade Siberian cats.

Tortie or tortoiseshells is a color, where the fur is mixed with black and red points. People say such "colorful" cats bring luck. Tortie-point Neva Masquerade cats, as all color-point cats, have only face, ears, limbs and tail painted. It is often difficult to find red points on small kittens’ ears and heels, which makes a certain complexity when defining a color. In addition, these points tend to increase over the years and even change its shape, and you never know how your tortie-kitten is going to look like in a year, but what is really interesting – each cat is absolutely unique in its tortie-points, you never find two similar-painted Neva Masquerade cats of this color. Only female cats can actually have tortie-point color.

Silver Point Neva Masquerade Siberian cats.

Exactly this color is considered as extremely rare one. Working with this color is just beginning, but promises new successes to Russian feline.The following coloration is distinguished: seal-silver-point, blue-silver-point and the Red-silver-point Neva Masquerade cats (the very last one still exists only in theory). The actual difference from the basic colors of "seal", "blue" and "red" is the outstanding effect of silver plaque, created by the painting of the tip of the haironly.

Color-point with white Neva Masquerade Siberian cats.

White socks on feet and white spots on the muzzle is the possible color effect of the Siberian cats disregarded any of the coloration listed above, where any shape, size and symmetry are not important. These so-called bicolor Neva Masquerade cats gained high popularity in recent years.

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