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  • Great news! Two our cats - Alexander and Angel are featured in the article about Siberian cats in Cat Fancy magazine for March 2008. Thank you so much to wonderful animal photographer Helmi Flick for capturing their natural Siberian beauty! Alexander Goldnheart of WhiteNights became Ground Champion in TICA in February 2008!

  • Our two cats are going to the TICA show in Seattle center On January 12 and 13, 2008. We will be glad to see you there!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  • June 9-10 2007 At the show in Chehailis, our Angel became a Champion and had a 10 best cat in AB ring!

  • January 16 2007 - We had a few shows in CFA where Alexander got his first kitten ribbon, and later his adult ribbon - 2 Best AB cat. Alexander and Egor both became champions of CFA during summer time. Also on TICA show in December Alexander got his 6 AB best cat, and 8 SP best cat at Seattle show in December. Angel also got her first kitten ribbon - 8 SP kitten

  • August 11 2006 - Venus's first litter is born! Congratulations to our beautiful Venera! She gave us 7 healthy kittens.

  • May 6 2006 - Cherry had her first litter of three gorgeous kittens. We got two boys and one girl. They are very lovely, and grow so fast!

  • March 2 2006 -Bozhena gave us her first beautiful babies. We are very happy and proud of her!

  • December 20 2005 - We wish to all our visitors Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • October, 1,2 2005 - Egor and George attended a show at Salt Lake City called Bee Heaven. Egor was great! He took 13 Allbreed and Specialty finals and earned a title of Supreme Grand Champion after this show. His results are Best Cat - 3 rings, AB-2,3,4,6,9 SP-2,3,3,4,4. We are proud and happy for you, Egor!!!

  • September, 10,11 2005 - Egor, Venus and Bozhena were participating in the TICA cat show. There Egor became QGC and got his first 1st place in Specialty ring! We are very proud of you, Egor. Also he got 7th place in Allbreed final.

  • August, 13 2005 - Good news - on the show in Canada, Langley Egor took 2,3,5 places in Specialty finals, and 3,7 places in Allbreed finals. After this show Egor became Triple Grand Champion. Congratulations, Egor!

  • July, 29th 2005 - Look at the new addition to our family! The little furball is Bozhena-Timanzhe Fialka, who came to us from a beautiful city in Russia Saint-Petersburg. We got her from the well-known cattery Fialka. We are greatful to Elena Hildebrandt, the owner of Fialka cattery, that she trusted us with her. People who are familiar with the breed, probably know Bozhena's famous father - FIFe Euro.Ch.Jonathan-Timanzhe Fialka. Zena (as we started to call her right upon her arrival to us) is a friendly, cheerful, and happy baby. She very quickly made a lot of friends among cats and people. She loves to play, and always tries to involve all the cats in the playtime activities. She loves Egor dearly, and enjoys to play with his tail and sleep beside him.
    Welcome, Zena! We are so happy that you came to live with us!

  • July, 23rd 2005 - Welcome home Cheremukha/AKA Cherry Golden Heart/ Zolotoe Serdechko! This beauty is very friendly and ready to sit on my lap all the time! She came to us from Moscow/Russia, a small cattery Zolotoe Serdechko - Golden Heart. We hope that she will have a good home and great friends here!

  • July, 17th 2005 - Egor Palych Savushka of WhiteNights received the Award of Excellence as the Best Seal Silver Lynx Point/White Siberian of the Year (2005) from the International Cat Association (TICA). We are very proud of our Egor!

  • June, 21 2005 - Some new pictures of our beautiful girl Venus were added to her Gallery.

  • June, 5,6 2005 - Egor was participating in the Cat Show in Chehalis, WA. He did great, and was 2nd, 4th, and two times 10th Best cat in the show. Also there he became a Grand Champion. Congratulations, Egor!!

  • April, 9,10th 2005 - We have a good news! On the show in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada our 8 months old male Egor Palych Savushka of White Nights took 2 Best Cat and 10 Best Cat in the show in Allbreed finals! After this show, he received Champion title. Congratulations, Egor Palych, and way to go :)!

  • March, 14th 2005 - In our gallery were added some more pictures of our "photomodels" - Venus and Egor. Enjoy!

  • February, 12&13th 2005 - Egor Palych and Venus were awarded their first ribbons on the TICA show "My Furry Valentine".They were called in Finals and both received awards - 8th Best Kitten of the Show from two different judges. Congratulations Venus and Egor Palych!

  • February,12&13th 2005 - Our cats Venera Iz Odissei of WhiteNights and Egor Palych Savushka of WhiteNights will be participating in the "My Furry Valentine" TICA show in Seattle, WA

  • January,4th 2005 - Our website began running

  • December,14th 2004 - Our cattery WhiteNights was registered with TICA
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