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Siberian Cat Personality

Many of us become cat owners hoping the cat will become a true friend to us. Having children at home we also want our pets be playful and kind. But are all cat breeds sociable enough? Will your furry family member prefer to ‘communicate’ with people rather than walk by himself? Do not worry about these moments if you bring a Siberian cat into your house. These cats can become good friends to adults and children.

Fluffiness is probably one of the main reasons why the Siberians are liked by many. Due to natural reasons and their origin the fur coat of these meowing creatures can become really dense and soft during the winter season. I remember the words of one of the volunteers at the cat shelter where I’m working. A couple of years ago that woman was thinking to take a Siberian cat and she kept on saying the cat will be her fluffy pillow. Today she is a proud owner of a Siberian ‘teen’ cat and says that he is the kindest cat on Earth! And there is no magic at all: the Siberians are very sociable! Let me tell you more about the character of these gorgeous cats!

Siberian Cats Like Laps

It is a really great choice if you want to take a Siberian cat. Personality of this breed is very loyal and friendly. The cat’s face is round, the neck collar is fluffy and soft - great appearance for a cat that likes hands. Most Siberians are eager to sit on their owner’s laps. Many breeders state that in different aspects the Siberians are like dogs: they are very loyal to their owner. When you’ve got a visitor in your house, a Siberian will surely come up to greet your visitor.

Siberian cats’ personality characteristics will surely attract those people who would like to have smart, but easy-going cats. Those who will sit purring on a man’s laps and be some sort of a ‘natural healer’ when a cat owner feels bad. These cats are truly good companions and understand their human family members without any words.

Siberian Cats Are Social Pets

While many feline breeds like to live on their own paying just a little attention to other family members, the Siberians absolutely adore any company. They love children, and children enjoy touching their soft fur coat. Many Siberians like to be outdoors and if you’ve got a house with a yard and some other pets or animals living there, it is almost a dream for a Siberian cat!

This breed is very gorgeous, but its representatives do not position themselves above men. They are friends to other pets in the house and fearlessly ‘communicate’ even with dogs! A Siberian cat will surely notice a child in the house. The cat will try to play or will be rubbing against the kid’s legs inviting the latter for a play. That is the main reason why the Siberians are really liked by families with little children. These cats are not jealous.

Siberian Cats Are Intelligent

As I have mentioned above, the Siberians seem to be very intelligent. Though being rather playful, they will not do those things their owners do not appreciate in their behavior. A friend of mine with a male Siberian cat in her house told me that her furry boy was always eager to cook with her. Every time when she came up to the cooker, the cat was running to sit and stare at her movements somewhere nearby.

Other stories of Siberian cat owners are amazing too. Some say their cats really feel when the owner is busy and won’t interrupt him. Others really believe that their cats understand the owner’s mood and help overcome stressful situations by being around and purring. These feline creatures are so smart indeed!

Siberian Cats Love To Play

When it comes to playing, the Siberians are always there to support your initiative! These are the cats who adore different cat toys. So why don’t you surf the Internet and select some interesting stuff for your kitty? The Siberians are getting mature during the first five years of their lives, but their playful temper stays almost the same even in their adult age. By the way, many cats of this breed are absolutely crazy about special computer games for cats. Just try to offer this kind of entertainment to your fur ball and have fun looking at how your kitty is chasing the cursor on a display!

Professional breeders recommend to learn about the Russian Siberian cat personality before buying a kitten. In fact, the breeder should know what are the likes and dislikes of every kitten he offers. Some of the kittens may be more playful, others are calmer. So pay attention to this information in advance.


Do Siberian cats scratch furniture?

Like any other cat breed the Siberians are sometimes big scratching fans. However, considering their intelligence, it is rather easy to train them to abandon this bad habit. Just give them an alternative - to scratch a special “scratching pad,” for example. You should not just forbid, but offer some other variant to your pet.

Can Siberian cats be left alone?

Siberian cats are social pets. They love company, they are always somewhere near the owner or find a play companion for games. They really get lonely when being left alone. A pet needs interaction and communication besides food and water. And there are always certain emergency risks.

Are Siberians lap cats?

The Siberian breed is very sociable and easygoing. They love sitting and purring on a man’s laps. They are loyal and look for ‘communication.’ Ideal evenings in the armchair with a purring cat on your laps are a dream-come-true if you’re an owner of the Siberian.

Do Siberian cats cuddle?

Many Siberian cats like cuddling. They do it sitting on an owner’s laps or with other pets living in the house. However, it is not a strict rule that all Siberians like cuddling. Some of them are more into it than others.

In a word...

The Siberian cat breed has a very attractive ‘classic’ appearance that is liked by most people. These cats are so fluffy, but not to shedding. They are sociable and playful and will be good friends to children. However, you should understand that cats may not be left alone for too much time. This cat will miss his owner.

The Siberians are not afraid of other pets like dogs and sometimes even like cuddling with their barking friends. Pay attention to the grooming of your Siberian. And provide your playful feline friend with some cat toys. These cats absolutely adore such things!

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