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Siberian Cat Shedding

As an experienced cat owner and volunteer at one of California’s cat shelters I know what it means when your cat sheds. I know the problem of shedding is one of top reasons why yesterday’s cat owners give up and start looking for a new home for their furry friends. Such stories are always very sad. But in order to avoid them we should realize what are the real challenges of raising up a fluffy cat breed. In our cat shelter we’ve got two Siberian cats, so I know what it looks like when kitties start shedding. And believe me, there are some aspects about shedding that you need to know before taking a cat of this breed into your house.

In this article I will give you some tips on how to take care of a fluffy Siberian cat and recommend some pet care products that will ease your grooming routine. Shedding is a challenge, but not a tragedy!

Siberian Cat Fur: General Info

A Siberian cat breed comes from Siberia - a vast snowy territory in Russia. Due to the Siberian climate and snow covering the ground most of the year period this feline breed is famous for its fluffiness. Such long and dense fur was created by nature for the Siberian winter.

Some may think that Siberian cats shed a lot, but this breed is actually of a medium shedding level. It may only seem that there are lots of hairs around your house during this period. In fact, they are just very long and draw your attention. The fur coat of a Siberian cat has three layers: inner, middle and outer. The density of these layers depends on a season, and in winter cats get extremely fluffy.

Seasonal Shedding of Siberian Cats

The Siberian cat shedding level depends on a season. These shedding periods are explained by natural changes in a feline organism. In spring cats need to put off that heavy fur they wore in winter and prepare themselves to a warmer weather. In fall, on the contrary, they lose thinner fur hairs in order to become fluffier. This new fur will protect them from low temperatures during the winter time.

So, it turns out that the Siberian cat shedding season happens twice a year. Experienced breeders also say that Siberian cats always living indoors may change their shedding period. So, shedding obviously depends on the environmental conditions created in a cat owner’s house.

Hairball Control Food for Siberian Cats

Just like other cats, Siberians have a grooming habit. When a Siberian cat is shedding, the amount of hairballs increases. As a pet owner you should give your fluffy friend specialized food that can control hairballs and eliminate any risks for the feline organism caused by swallowed fur.

Today commercial cat food manufacturers produce cat food with hairball control. Look for a special sign on the package that says about hairball control. At specialized and online stores you can find various manufacturers offering dry cat food like this product by Purina ONE containing natural fibers easing the hairball problem. Another popular product enriched with a blend of dietary fibers is offered by Royal Canin and has received lots of positive reviews. If your kitty prefers wet cat food, there are also good alternatives - like this one by Hill’s Science Diet. The chicken flavor is liked by many cats and natural fibers among the product’s ingredients will let your cat feel comfortable and forget about this hairball problem.

Tools for Grooming Siberian Cats

Siberian cat shedding fur will be found on any surface in your house if you do not groom your cat properly. There are special tools available at pet shops that will ease grooming during the Siberian cat shedding season.

This type of slicker brushes is liked by many cats and is a great helper for cat owners. It effectively removes mats and gives your cat a portion of pleasure while you are brushing your furry babe. But if your Siberian does not stand brushes, there is still a decent alternative - grooming gloves for removing loose cat hair. Such gloves may not work on short-haired cats, but the Siberian breed with long fur gets perfectly groomed with them.

At our cat shelter we find this type of furminators very effective for removing undercoat. In fact, today there are lots of tools you can purchase to ease your cat’s grooming.

Siberian Cat Shedding FAQ’s

Do Siberian cats shed a lot?

Although Siberian cats look very fluffy and their fur is long-haired, this breed is considered of the medium shedding level. They change their fur coat twice a year, so the shedding is called ‘seasonal’. In spring they change thick winter fur for lighter summer hair. And in fall their undercoat becomes fluffier.

How to reduce my Siberian cat shedding?

Nature has given all cats their mutual habit - to groom themselves. Almost 70 percent of all shedding hair is removed by cats. However, such long-haired breeds as the Siberian cat are prone to fur mats. This makes it harder to groom them. Pet owners can buy various tools available at pet shops - like slicker brushes, grooming gloves and rakes, furminators - to make everyday grooming easier and more effective.

Wrapping Up

If you are a happy owner of a Siberian cat or just think of bringing this breed to your house, you should realize that seasonal shedding is a natural period for these cats. Living at home, your cat may shed less if there is some sort of a micro climate system in your house. However, there is almost no chance your fluffy boy or girl won’t shed at all. Cats are crazy about cleanliness, so they spend a lot of time grooming themselves. But you can help your feline child and get armed with special grooming tools. These brushes and furminators are available at pet shops and online retail stores. Always learn customers’ reviews to find the product you really need.

And do not forget to give your kitty special hairball control food if your long-haired pet is prone to this problem. Choose dry or wet cat food formulas according to your cat’s taste.

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